R4i-B9S pre-flashed NTRboot supporting B9S Luma 3DS CFW

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R4i-B9S Description

R4i-B9S is a new DS/DSi flashcart which is pre-flashed NTRboothax. You can use R4i-B9S to install boot9strap and Luma 3DS CFW easily on your New 3DS, Old 3DS, New 2DS, and Old 2DS console with any firmware version. R4i-B9S works on 3DS Ver 11.15.0-47 and supports region-free 3ds games after installed B9S/3DS CFW. 

R4i-B9S Compatibility

R4i-B9S card supports Nintendo New3DS/New3DSXL/3DS/3DSXL/2DS/2DSXL on any firmware version.
11.14.0-46 and all previous versions.

R4i-B9S Features

* Works on New 3DS, Old 3DS, New 2DS, and Old 2DS in all regions
* Supports popular Luma3DS Custom firmware
* Supports SD card up to 128GB
* All 3ds games are free to play

R4i-B9S Package Contents:

1 x R4i-B9S Card
1 x Micro SD Reader
1 x Magnet

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