SKY3DS Plus Card For New 3DS & 2DS Console

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SKY3DS is the first 3DS flashcart which can play 3DS roms. You can use it  to play 3DS roms directly on New 3DS XL & 2DS. Don't need to setup, you can use it directly like a normal retail game card. It's very easy to change games on the 3DS system. Now You can follow our facebook or our site to get the latest news about this 3DS flashcart.

Compatible with Console Software Ver 11.15.0-47 & All Previous Versions.

Sky3DS Features:

  • Support Any 3DS console. New 3DS (XL),2DS, any region, any firmware
  • Plug & Play, easy to use, Multi-rom support.
  • Play 3DS game smoothly like a real gamecard (with all saving, load, online game, etc..functions).
  • Compatible with any MicroSD 2GB, 4GB,8GB,16GB,32GB,64GB,128GB SDHC cards.
  • Support all the 3DS Games.


Simply & easy drag and drop.

No software required, no kernel required.

Backup games must be the same region as your console

Package Contents:

1x Sky3ds Card
1x Sky3ds Skydock Adapter
1x Usb/Micro Cable

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